Adam Gainsburg

Current Mars and Venus Cycles -
Discovering What’s Ahead and Surrendering What’s Behind

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Adam facilitates individuals and groups at the leading edge of human inner transformation. He created Soulsign to empower a profound support system from the three intelligences he works from: the Living Astrological Sky, our Open Heart Experience and our Soul’s Breath. Together as a continuum, they merge our innate intelligence, timeless wisdom and dynamic creative minds to be our every moment. 

Adam’s work is an invitation to courageously embrace your full-spectrum humanity: light and dark, Identity and Essence, temporal and infinite. Since 2002 he has brought thousands of people into a direct experience of the vastness of their Soul inside their tangible, empowered sense of Self.

His devotion to authentic presence and practical life experience — rooted in the somatic intelligence of the Human Heart — manifests through his impeccable skill and genuine  kindness.

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Intimacy: The Way of Opening Our Hearts
Adam's article describing the Masculine and Feminine impulses in us and the 12 different ways (through the 12 zodiac signs) in which intimacy can manifest through us.
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