Lisa Turner

All You Need to Know About Humanity’s Spiritual Tipping Point 

Meet The Speaker

After being kept as a house prisoner for 5 years by a paedophile from the age of 15, she sought to free herself from the prison of PTSD. With a PhD in mathematical modelling and Aero-acoustics, she applied the same scientific rigour to healing emotional pain.

Finding most modalities lacking in one way or another, she continued to experiment until she found the keys to freeing yourself from past emotional pain.

Almost by accident she discovered the secret to raising consciousness and spiritual awakening which is repeatable and reliable. Lisa has worked with business leaders, politicians and the military using her signature psycho-spiritual technique: Conscious Emotional Transformation (CET)

Today, Dr Turner helps others do just that through her work at

5 times Author, Lisa’s next book, Our Spiritual Tipping Point, is an outline of the evolution of human consciousness. It offers a whole new perspective on the times we are living in. First, it explains how our evolutionary cycle is reaching a point where multiple radical changes are happening at the same time. This shows why there is so much uncertainty in our world today and why so many institutions are failing.

Armed with the understanding of what is happening we can all prepare and create a more conscious future as we experience a new unprecedented degree of empowerment.

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